About Us

United for Missouri’s Future is a 501-c-3 organization formed in July 2010, with a goal to become the No. 1 grassroots organization in the state. Based in Springfield, Mo., UFMF offers a variety of platforms for citizens to be educated on local and state issues.

Mission Statement:

United for Missouri’s Future is committed to educating citizens about the impact of economic policy in their local communities and in the state. We will also look at the impact of the federal government exceeding its constitutional limits on achieving growth, opportunity and prosperity for all citizens and inform our members about these activities and assessments.  United for Missouri’s Future programs, analyses and issue educational efforts will help local, state and federal legislators, state wide elected officials, state agencies, the media and individual citizens understand why policies that promote the American free enterprise system are the best method to ensuring prosperity for all Missourians. United for Missouri’s Future will educate about:

  • Tax reform proposals and how they are intended to result in a more dynamic economic environment in the state eliminating the need for government programs that choose winners and losers.
  • Tax and Expenditure Limitation proposals to promote fiscal responsibility.
  • Limiting government spending efforts in order to halt the encroachment of government in the economic lives of citizens by fighting proposed tax increases and pointing out evidence of waste, fraud, and abuse.
  • Efforts aimed at removing and preventing unnecessary barriers to entrepreneurship and opportunity by sparking citizen involvement in the regulatory process early on in order to reduce red tape.



United for Missouri’s Future
P.O. Box 11466 – Springfield, Missouri 65808

Phone: 888-332-3811