Straight Talk Would Be Nice from Elected Officials

It’s a common tactic. We see President Obama and Senator McCaskill use it frequently.  When not wanting to talk about the issues, they attempt to distract from the real issue by taking a little truth and applying a lot of false information to it.  That’s the case with some on the St Charles County Council and supporters of the Council’s proposed smoking ban.

The St Charles County Council introduced a proposed ordinance placing a total smoking ban on businesses in St Charles County with some exemptions.  Actually the bill was sponsored by Councilman Joe Cronin who has failed twice in the past to get enough support to place his anti-property rights bill on the ballot.  County Executive Steve Ehlmann vetoed the first bill the Council passed on which the current proposal is based and the second attempt failed to get enough votes!

Councilman Cronin and others apparently felt uncomfortable and resorted to the tactics people who are cornered usually do – making false accusations. Unfortunately Councilman Cronin and others are as factual as Claire McCaskill was when she claimed a commercial that was run agaisnt her was full of paid actors when in fact, they were all her constituents!  She was wrong and had to apologize.  Councilman Cronin and others are also wrong but I don’t expect nor want an apology.

Councilman Cronin and Councilman Joe Brazil both made statements to the effect that I was “hired” to oppose the smoking ban effort by the Casino.  I know most of us are getting tired of elected officials telling us what they think is correct rather than getting the facts first. Sadly, it just comes with the territory.

The fact is I am not hired to do this effort.  I nor the organization is paid by Ameristar.  Our mission is to support limited government actions and oppose big government proposals like Councilman Cronin’s.

Just as we see the President trying to deflect the discussion from the economy and other important matters the same is true of Councilman Cronin and others.  Rather than discuss the real issues, they attempt to distract with half-truths and innuendo.

The citizens of St Charles County deserve an honest discussion not a diversion.