Statewide Ballot Issues for November 6 2012

When people go to the polls on November 6th, most will go to vote for President and if we are lucky, they will have thought about some of the other offices up for election. I know that readers of our blogs are well-informed voters, otherwise they wouldn’t be reading our blogs!

Everyone’s ballot in the state will contain four statewide issues. They are:

  1. Constitutional Amendment 3 – proposes changes to the non-partisan court plan
  2. Proposition A – returns local control of the St Louis Metropolitan Police Department to the citizens of St Louis
  3. Proposition B – tobacco tax increase
  4. Proposition E – limits the establishment of any Healthcare insurance Exchange to an act of the Legislature or a vote of the people

The following slide show provides more educational information about these issues.

Ballot Issues November 6 2012